I Love My Aeon!

Before I purchased my AEON Mira 9, I joined the AEON Laser community group on Facebook. I wanted to know more about the user experience. And I was blown away!

AEON Laser truly cares about their users. What I witnessed was terrific customer service. Top-notch communication and a community that wanted to help others. In other groups I was in, that was never the case. For lack of a better word, I always felt I was being "mansplained" when asking questions. I have prided myself on being a content creator for many years and continually reiterated that no question is too crazy. We all must learn and grow from a starting point, so why not be supportive and help others?

I felt like that philosophy I instilled into my own content business was mirrored through AEON.

It was a no-brainer. I already knew that AEON lasers were top quality. And now, I know their company had the same vision and actions I reflected on at The Laser Collective.

I purchased my first AEON Laser in early 2022. I patiently waited, and I was as giddy as possible when it arrived. I experienced that fantastic support when I had questions about setting up my machine. I received almost instant responses via the online ticket support system. But I also got follow-up phone calls to ensure all was going okay...that's how much they care.

I am a lifetime customer!

This is just after Major arrived. I named him after the movie, A Christmas Story because he is my Major Award. Walter also seems to be impressed as well!

Ready to Purchase Your AEON Laser?

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