Designing Hand Lettered Christmas Ornament Laser Files

Improve your skills in laser file design and stand out from the crowd with our unique and fun hand-lettered Christmas ornament workshop! Discover the art of creating captivating laser files that will make your designs truly shine.


If you could unlock your creativity and bring your designs to life as you delve into the world of hand-lettered Christmas ornament laser files. Don't miss this opportunity to become a standout designer in the laser file industry!

In this workshop, you'll learn the techniques and tricks to craft one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments with beautiful hand-lettering. With our guidance, you'll gain the experience and expertise needed to create stunning laser files that will set you apart from the competition.

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I'm Holly McCaig, a graphic designer with over two decades of experience in the field. Since the 1990s, I have been using Adobe Illustrator extensively, and it remains my primary tool for creating laser files that I offer through The Laser Collective. Throughout my career, I have always believed in learning by doing. This philosophy has led me to acquire knowledge on the job, continuously refining my skills.

Does this sound familiar?

I wish I could create one-of-a-kind laser files for my customers.

Learning how to make laser files feels overwhelming to me; I need an easy-to-follow project-based course to get me started.

I'd love to learn how to the letter using my iPad to make beautiful, unique designs with my laser.

Learn how to make your own laser files with my Hand Lettered Christmas Ornaments workshop at the

Designing Hand Lettered
Christmas Ornament Laser Files

This project based workshop will guide you through the steps to make three ornaments with three levels of difficulty that you can move up through when you feel comfortable. And I'm here to provide support along the way!

By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to:

Learn how to make your own laser files with my Hand Lettered Christmas Ornaments workshop at the

Master techniques to create fun designs for ornaments including modern, patterns and ugly sweater designs.


Learn the skill of hand lettering in Procreate on the iPad to create truly unique projects with your laser.

Learn how to make your own laser files with my Hand Lettered Christmas Ornaments workshop at the

Learn my exact technique for preparing my files for lasers, what to give to customers and stand out from the compeition.

Why Should I Take Your Course?

You have always wondered how to make laser files.

You wish you could learn the techniques for lettering to create your own designs.

You want to learn my process for vectoring lettering and what to give the customer when selling laser files.

Stand Out from the Competition!

Why you shouldn't take this course?

You're not willing to put in practice for lettering to grow and get better.

You don't have time to learn the steps to make laser files on your own.

With Designing Hand Lettered Christmas Ornament Laser Files You'll Get

Video Lessons

Self Paced

9 Modules

Lifetime Access

2.5 Hours

Come Back for Reference

Course Framework

01 Introduction

A quick welcome, who I am, and what to expect.

02 Creating a New Document in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to set up your document to get started designing our Christmas ornaments.

03 Designing Ornament 1 (Simple)

We will create a simple an modern ornament design that anyone can start with. I'll teach you some shortcuts and techniques to work faster.

05 Designing Ornament 3 (Advanced)

Taking things a step further, I'll walk you through how to design an ugly sweater pattern and make something truly fun with your ornament design.

07 Hand Lettering Names in Procreate

Using my Mono SVG brush for Procreate I will teach you how I letter using the ornaments we designed and how to export them so you can move onto the next lesson.

09 Laser File Prep

Learn how I save all my files for use with laser machines to distribute to your customers with a few other tricks.

04 Designing Ornament 2 (Intermediate)

This ornament will be a little more complex in that I'll show you how to make a dainty pattern in the background for this ornament design.

06 Crash Course in Lettering on the iPad in Procreate

I will teach you all the basic strokes and terminology and demo how to letter. With this lesson you can then use our drill sheets to continually practice to improve your own lettering.

08 Converting Hand Lettering to Vector

I will walk you through the steps to convert your lettering to vector using my Image trace settings, how to beef up your lettering fo the best laser cuts, too.


Please have familiarity with Adobe Illustrator and Procreate; you can take our free Foundation Courses on our Course page.


Things you'll get with this course to help you.

I will be giving you my Durango Procreate brush to use with the crash course lettering. It's a fun calligraphy-style brush I use to teach lettering. Then you'll also get my Mono SVG brush. This is found in my Creative Light brush set, but it's the go-to for this course and what I use to letter for lasering.

I will also provide you with my working AI file so you can use it for reference at any time.

And, you will get my drills practice sheets for lettering in Procreate.

A private Facebook Group for support!

Learn how to make your own laser files with my Hand Lettered Christmas Ornaments workshop at the


  • Learn how to create three levels of ornament styles based on simple, intermediate, and advanced Illustrator skills as shown.
  • Learn how to hand letter with Procreate on the iPad.
  • Learn my process for hand lettering names and vectoring them for laser cutting.
  • Learn how to prepare your laser files for selling.
  • Bonus: durango and Mono SVG Procreate brushes
  • Bonus: lettering drills and diagrams
  • Bonus: my working AI file to reerence
  • Private Facebook Group Support


Can I take this Illustrator portion of this workshop on my iPad?

Unfortunately no. While the iPad app is pretty robust, it will be completely different from what I show you on the desktop version. You can download a free trial on the Adobe website.

Why won't you teach this in other applications like Inkscape?

My nearly 27 years of graphic design experience is with Adobe Illustrator. I teach what I know and am comfortable with. That being said, you can probably apply some things I teach you, but the interface will be different.


Unfortunately no. Procreate only functions with iPads, and they only work with the Apple Pencil.


This is the process I use. I doodle in Procreate, and I think of it as a sketch book for refining my drawings. It's a pixel-based app, and while you can laser PNG files, I use it to jump-start my ideas before creating cleaner vectors in Adobe Illustrator.

Do you answer questions?

Yes, you have access to my private Facebook group just for this workshop!

I have questions about your course; how can I reach you?

Please use the contact button in the menu, and it will reach me!