Getting Your Laser Products Found on Etsy

A lot goes into getting your laser products found on Etsy. It’s no longer a list and leave it and hope for the best. However, it’s never been that way. But it was always easier to get found on Etsy back in the day. You need to research, and you need to do your work to make it work for you.

Watch My Video on Getting Your Laser Products Found on Etsy

This video will be all the information I’ve typed out below, for the most part, but also with examples on the screen.

In a previous blog post, I discussed finding items selling on Etsy. I recommend watching it if you haven’t already. Finding things to sell on Etsy that already sell well will help you. But I get that selling stuff you want to make is also important, and you must find your audience to share your product correctly.

You have to do your part to drive traffic to Etsy. Things like changing your shop name to have critical keywords in it helps. Also, running ads on Etsy will drive traffic to your shop, boosting your rankings in search results.

So let’s talk about a few things you can do to help get your laser products found on Etsy.

The Etsy Algorithm

To understand how to get found, we must first consider the Etsy algorithm and how the search process works on Etsy.

Etsy developed this algorithm to create a ranking system so customers can easily find shops and items. It’s a complex system, but there are two stages.

Etsy uses a Query system for one. This simply means what the customer is entering in the search field is an exact match for your items.

The second item Etsy considers in its algorithm is Ranking. That means what the customer puts in the search field while the ranking is based on these eight key factors:

  • Relevancy. If your title, description, category, attributes, and tags match the customer’s search.
  • Listing quality score. The more people view and purchase a listing, the higher the quality score.
  • Recency. When a new listing is made, Etsy boosts it in the search results for a limited time. So stay consistently listing!
  • Customer experience. Reviews, comments, about section.
  • Shipping price. Etsy prioritizes free shipping.
  • Translation and Langauge – just make sure your listings match the language you chose at setup.
  • Shop location. This applies to the EU, Australia, and Canada so the customer might find something closer to them first.
  • Shopper habits. This is simply a personalized setup for the customer. The more they search for an item, the more likely Etsy will show them those types of things.

Keywords Are Important

So with all that said above, the biggest thing I can tell you is to research and find your keywords. This is important for your shop in general and for each listing you make.

Etsy must match the customer’s exact search phrases for a higher search result. I use eRank and Everbee to do this, and Everbee added a keyword research tool, but both options can be beneficial.

When Etsy looks through your listing after a customer has searched, it’s looking for the exact phrase match. It’s also looking to see if that phrase appears in the title, tags, and description.

Etsy doesn’t like single-word keywords, and long tail keywords (or a specific phrase of keywords) are better. It’s less competitive, but it helps the customer find exactly what they are searching for in your shop.

Let’s take a look at both eRank and Everbee and how you can find keywords, and how they work to benefit you.

My Formula

Now that we understand how to find keywords, I wanted to share my formula for finding and building up a keyword list that I like to use for my Etsy listings.

  • What Is It?
  • What is it Made From?
  • What is it For (person or occasion)?
  • Who is It For?

The “what is it” is pretty obvious. It’s a T-shirt. But what kind of T-shirt is it? It’s a Christmas T-shirt. Or it’s a red, gnome Christmas T-shirt. The specifics are going to help buyers find what they want.

But what about buyers who aren’t sure what they are looking for? You can add what it is made from or who it’s for. Maybe it’s a cotton T-shirt for women.

Ultimately, using a tool like eRank or Everbee to see what’s a popular keyword but has a lower competition can help you.

Using a few methods, let’s find popular keywords for a Christmas Gnome T-shirt for Women.

Don’t Duplicate Keywords

Etsy doesn’t recommend using the same primary keyword more than one or two times, which is the hardest part of keyword research. An example might be Door Hanger, Christmas Door Hanger, Front Door Hanger, or Round Door Hanger. See how I used door hangers a lot?

You can make a master list of all the varieties of door hanger, but also all the alternatives. Then, you can mix up what you use with different listings. Chances are, if someone is searching Christmas door sign instead of a Christmas door hanger, they might click on your shop to see your other listings. And find something they like.

Once you find your master list of keywords, use ALL tags in the listing. Surprisingly, many listings don’t do this when I do keyword research.

Let’s make a master list of Christmas door hangers that we can use to build a listing (or multiple listings.)

Creating Your Listing

Now that you have created your master list for Christmas Door Hangers, it’s time to make a listing on Etsy. You have well over the number of keywords you need, but you can mix these up for various listings so you get a better bang for your buck.

Include the keywords you want to use on this listing in the listing Title at the beginning. While eRank will warn you that your title may look like it’s written for a computer vs. a human, I haven’t seen where Etsy penalizes you for writing out long-tail keywords and using commas between them. Ultimately, get your keywords in and try to fill up the number of characters you can use in the title.

You also want to do the same for your description. Include the important keywords at the beginning of your first sentence.

And don’t copy your title to your description. Etsy and Google prefer your items to look like they were written for reading by a human; a clear sentence.

Your shop sections should also contain keywords. So, don’t make a category that says Christmas. Make one that says Christmas Door Hangers. Yes, that gets scanned over for SEO too!

Other Attributes

Use the other attributes options if they apply. Those are also used for search, so it’s important to use what you can if provided.

Using All Photo Spots

Use all the photo spots in your listing. Take multiple photos of various angles of your item. And include a few with your hands or yourself in the shot. People will ignore that size in the description more than you would think. Seeing it in your hands makes it more natural to them.

Not sure what to put in those extra spots? Create some graphics. I sell some templates for Canva on one of my other (many Etsy shops), where I started creating Etsy seller templates. Some of those are for extra graphics for your listings, like testimonials, item info, and marketing other items. Check it out. It might help you.

And use the video option to do a quick phone video of it in use or just a few scans of the item.

Staying Consistent

As I said before, a new listing gets a boost for a limited time. So stay consistently listing. Create a schedule you can follow to put up new listings each week consistently. Then, focus on getting people to engage with it. Share it on social media, and get people to write reviews. The more people buy a listing and review the higher it ranks in Etsy’s search restaurants.

I use ClickUp to create a regular business schedule with tasks for myself to stay on track. If that’s something you want me to share with you on how that works, let me know, and I’ll make a video on that.

Leave It Alone!

As I said before, leave your listing alone for a little while. Let ads run. Let people click. Then, you can look around to see how people find you using the newer Etsy search analytics tool that I have found helpful in seeing what people are buying and looking for and what new items to make.

Make it a habit to make good listings and let them do the work for you!

Again, my affiliate link for Everbee is here. I get some kickback when you purchase through me. And, if it makes a difference for you financially, I always choose annual plans when I can. They end up being much cheaper for my budget.

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