How to Make a First Day of School Interchangeable Sign with Your Laser

This tutorial will show you how to make the first day of school interchangeable sign with your laser using our Ruler First Day Interchangeable Laser File. While most know how to use the laser portion, not everyone knows how easy it is to customize the name using Adobe Illustrator.

I’ll be walking you through the Adobe Illustrator section of this tutorial using my favorite font in this file.

Make sure to grab the Ruler First Day of School Interchangeable Sign laser file in our shop.

The font I’m using is Frick and Frack*

Watch How to Make a First Day of School Interchangeable Sign with Your Laser

In this file, I provide the backer and the frame.

You’ll also get the apples with scoring, so you can use Posca or other paint pens to color those.

For the pencil and banner portions, you get two file options. You may choose the first option, simply to engrave the words onto the pieces. This saves you from gluing. However, if you want more control over painting your pieces, engraving can be troublesome. So I gave you a second laser file option that lets you score the letters onto the pencil and banners, then cut the letters to glue into place. When doing this method, I prefer to use 3M adhesive on the back of my letters to make going much easier.

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