Introduction to
Procreate for Laser Businesses

Get familiar with the foundation of the Procreate app on your iPad to learn laser file design
and excel in your laser business.


You could jumpstart your Procreate knowledge to learn the basics of the application, from tools to interface and a few drawing tips to have a foundation to start more project-based laser file design. Then you could offer your laser business customers more creative and unique offerings.

That's exactly what this workshop, Introduction to Procreate for Laser Businesses, will do. It will guide you through the how the application is set up, where to find various tools and features, and a few drawing tricks to get you playing to prepare you to design project-specific laser files with me.

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I'm Holly McCaig, a graphic designer with over two decades of experience in the field. I have been using the Procreate app since the first iPad Pro came out in 2015. It's come a long way! I draw all of my ideas in it before taking them to Adobe Illustrator for vectoring.

Throughout my career, I have always believed in learning by doing. This philosophy has led me to acquire knowledge on the job, continuously refining my skills.

I have developed project-specific classes to provide you with more focused and specific training for laser file design. By offering free foundation courses like this, I eliminate the need to repeat basic information in each subsequent class. This approach allows you to seamlessly transition into each new project course, effortlessly diving deeper into the intricacies of laser file design.

Does this sound familiar?

You don't have the time to spend hours watching YouTube videos or taking a long and involved class.

You need quick and project-specific education to get to designing and making money.

This class will help you get started so you can dive into my more extensive courses.


Introduction to
Procreate for Laser Businesses

This fast, down, and dirty quick study will get you through how to navigate your way through the application, install brushes, and even create color palettes. This application doesn't have to be intimidating, and it will give you the foundation so you can move into project-specific laser file design courses faster.

By the end of this free workshop, you'll be able to:


Create and organize your gallery of artwork to be more efficient.


Learn how to install custom Procreate brushes and how layers work.


Learn a few drawing tips along with the common gestures (shortcuts) to move through the application efficiently.

Why Should I Take Your Course?

My free course on Introduction to Procreate is a quick jumpstart.

I review all the basic things you'd learn at the beginning of any project-based workshop. You will learn exactly what you need to know to understand the application setup, how to install brushes, what layers are, and a few drawing tips to prepare you to dive into my project-specific courses without spending any money. And I won't have to repeat any of my other courses, saving you valuable time.

Less Time + Free Foundation = Jump Start Over Competition

Why you shouldn't take this course?

You expect to learn all the tricks and techniques to make laser files right now and want a full comprehensive Procreate course.

With Introduction to Procreate for Laser Businesses You'll Get

Video Lessons

Self Paced

8 Quick Lessons

Lifetime Access

51 Minutes

Come Back for Reference

Course Framework

01 Introduction

A quick welcome, who I am, and what to expect.

02 App Overview + Limitations

I'll explain what the app can do, what tools you need to use it and where to get Procreate support.

03 Creating a Canvas + Organization

I'll talk about pixel-based apps, how to set up a new canvas, and how to name and create stacks.

05 Gestures + Sidebar

Learn how to manipulate through the app with gestures and some of the common ones we use. Plus learn the sidebar feature.

07 Layers

Layers make your life easier...and I'll explain how they work and various shortcuts when using them.

09 Drawing Tips

I'll show you a few tips when drawing and using the application you will find helpful. And, I'll demo a quick doodle.

04 Interface

I'll show you the upper left menu and what each section contains and how some features work.

06 Brushes

I'll cover the paint tools including the Brushes, Smudge and Erase tool. I'll explain how to download and install custom Procreate brushes and how to set them so they work smoother.

08 Colors

Learn the various ways to create color palettes and how to apply color to your canvas.

This Course is Free

Why aren't you charging for this, Holly?

It seems like most of this information can be easily found online. However, my intention is to provide a convenient and efficient way to explore the interface and tools through my voice and experience. This way, you can easily grasp the location of various elements and concepts, allowing you to take one of my project-based courses confidently. I strongly believe in learning through hands-on experience, immersing oneself in a project, and acquiring the specific knowledge required to complete it. You can learn more efficiently and save time by focusing on practical applications. This free foundational course will serve as a comprehensive resource, eliminating the need for repetitive information across all future courses.


Can I use Procreate on my Android devices?

Unfortunately no. Procreate only functions with iPads, and they only work with the Apple Pencil.

Why do I need Procreate when I need to vector art for laser cutting?

This is the process I use. I doodle in Procreate, and I think of it as a sketch book for refining my drawings. It's a pixel-based app, and while you can laser PNG files, I use it to jump-start my ideas before creating cleaner vectors in Adobe Illustrator.

Do you answer questions?

You can leave a question in the comment of that lesson or ask in my main Facebook Group. I ask that you do that rather than emailing or messaging me directly because others may have the same questions, and I will answer in those forums.

When will you have your paid workshops that let me learn more about project-based laser file design up and running?

Soon! I have two in the works right now. I expect them to be up by the end of May 2023.

I have questions about your course; how can I reach you?

Please use the contact button in the menu, and it will reach me!