The Laser Collective Monthly Membership Program for Laser Files
Attention Laser Cutters

Save Money. Use Our Laser Files. Make A Profit.

Our high-quality, commercial-friendly laser files will help you create more inventory.

You're busy and I get it.

I'm here to make it easy.

I hear from busy laser-cutting businesses that they want high-quality designs that won't break the bank. They need laser files from trusted sources and would love an ongoing supply to help them boost their laser cutting business inventory.

I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years with experience in illustration, lettering, and photography. I am a perfectionist at heart. And while I do enjoy cutting with my laser, my passion is creating designs where artists apply their creativity.

Imagine if you could...

Save money on laser cutting files so you can start making a profit?

Have product photos done for you?

Get access to new laser files months before the public?

Have training videos on how to put designs together?

If this sounds good, I promise it is!

This is why I'm excited to have you
join the Laser Club

This is how the Laser Collective
Laser Club breaks down.

Limited Exclusive Designs

Every first Friday of the month, members of the Laser Club receive access to three new designs. These designs are a limited exclusivity to you for three months. This gives you a leg up on the competition before it becomes available to the public. All laser files are high quality and tested by my team or me. Each month, you get laser files that can range anywhere from signs, tiered trays, jewelry, accessories, or other valuable products you can make with your laser cutting business. These designs are commercial friendly when used with finished products (and DIY Unfinished kits for members only.)

Valuable Video Tutorials

Each month, with my Laser Club design releases, I provide video tutorials on how I run my laser files through my software and assemble them. Plus, you can always count on me to help you if you need it.

High-Quality Marketing Photos

Laser Club members get exclusive access to high-quality photos I take of the included laser products. I want you to see if there is interest in the designs; I wish to save you time and headache of taking photos. I spent many years running a successful photography studio, so let me provide you with images you can trust. No regular customer can have these.

Member Discount

Every month we give you a new coupon code to use where you as a Monthly Member can save 40% on everything in our shop. It's a big savings and we know it will help you build a large laser files library for your laser cutting business without breaking the bank.

Private Facebook Group

Laser Club members get access to a private Facebook Group. In here I make announcements, help you with what you need, or have you show off how you used that month's product. It's a great way to stay connected, build community among other laser cutter users and stay in touch with me.

Wait. How Does It Work?

- one -

Sign Up

Sign up for the Laser Club.

- two-

Billing Info

Pay for the current month at the time of sign-up - then you are billed every month on the first of the month.

- three -

Access Designs + More

You get access to the current month's limited exclusive products right away as well as marketing photos and tutorials.

- four -

Join the Facebook Group

Your request to join our private Facebook Group will be approved within 1 business day.


Got Questions?

How much do I pay?

You pay for a full month at the time you sign up - giving you immediate access to the current designs and marketing photos. Then, when a new month starts, you are billed on the first of every month until you cancel.

When do new collections come out?

I release the new month of files on the first Friday of each month. Usually, I do this by around 10 a.m. MST. I will make an announcement in our Facebook Group as well as send you an email. If you're in our Facebook Group I'll be doing sneak peeks as we lead up to the release day starting the Monday before release.

How long do I have to download?

The current month's downloads will expire just before I release the new months on the first Friday of each month. It's best to make sure you download everything by the end of the day on Thursday before release as I cannot make special arrangements to get you the files you missed. Put it on your calendar so you don't forget.

Can I cancel?

The Laser Club is a monthly program. So you're billed every month. As long as you cancel your membership by the final day of the prior month your membership will cancel. That should be the 30th or 31st depending on the number of days in that current month. Please make sure you mark your calendar for cancellation because you will no longer have access to the items that month once you cancel. To cancel a membership, please log in to your shop account, visit your user dashboard and locate the SUBSCRIPTION tab, and tap on the membership plan. You will find a cancel option there.

Are these files exclusive to members?

When I release a new file collection each month, those files are exclusive for a limit of three months to members only. After that, they are placed in our shop for sale to the public. The video tutorials will be posted to our blog as well. You can still continue to use the marketing photos but the public cannot.

Do I have to join the Facebook Group?

No, you don't have to join our Facebook Group. I have a single page on our website that only paying members can access. This is where I will embed our video tutorials and links to the marketing photos. Links to the limited exclusive files are also available there.

What are your commercial license terms?

Laser files at The Laser Collective are licensed with a Standard Commercial license for finished products only unless you purchase a DIY Unfinished License to sell cut only or class kits. However, Laser Club members may use the included monthly designs with a DIY Unfinished License at no extra charge. For our full terms of use, please read.

May I pause my membership?

We allow our Monthly Members to pause their membership two times for 30 days each. After 30 days the membership is unpaused automatically. Once you pause twice you can no longer pause. You can do this by logging into your account in the shop. Then, tap on Subscriptions in your user dashboard and locate your membership product. Tap it to review cancellation and pausing.

What if my recurring payment fails?

If your payment fails, your subscription is placed in overdue for one day. Then it will be placed in suspended status for 15 days. You have 15 days to update your payment information. If it is not updated, the subscription is automatically canceled. And, you will need to resubscribe at the current rate.

Do I get a discount in the shop?

Yes, when logged in, Laser Club members will see products at 40% off. 

A Note from Holly

I am excited that you're interested in our new Laser Club program. I have been a graphic designer for nearly 25 years, and I have held jobs in photography, page design, illustration, and marketing. I love what I do.

I am a perfectionist at heart, and I am very meticulous in design and have standards for making sure my files cut clean for others - after all, I want them to cut clean for me, too. And, I'm always open to suggestions to make things work better for you.

If you want to try our files before you buy, join our Laser Library. You can download a new free file every month there. I'm super happy you're interested in our Laser Club. So if you have any questions, please reach out to me.


The Results?

More time, more money, and a beautiful product line you can be proud of.

Is this right for you?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to stop wasting time trying to design your own laser files.
  • You want to save money for your business.
  • You're overwhelmed with the idea of taking great photos of your products.
  • Step by step instructions will save you time.
  • You want to grow your product offering.
  • You love the idea of a like-minded community.

Not for you if:

  • You want to design your own files only.
  • You don't want to invest in your business so you can save time making money.
  • You aren't ready to build your laser files library.
  • You aren't intersted in being part of a like-minded community to support and help one another.

Here's What They're Saying!


Melissa Harms


I absolutely love these files! I have made the peep bunny shaker from the free Laser Library. It turned out so cute!!

Jackelin Hansen


When I stumbled upon The Laser Collective Digital files I knew they had to be the first files I had to make. They were super easy to download and upload to my Glowforge app. The selection of files that TLC has is amazing and beautiful! My very first file was the Hocus Pocus-inspired Tiered Tray and so so very thankful for them, that was my best seller! I would recommend this to anyone first starting out with their laser machines!

Marcia Gravett

Zezzie Crafts

Thank you for the great files, fantastic customer service, was extremely pleasant dealing with you guys!
The Laser Collective Monthly Membership Program for Laser Files

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per Month
  • 3 Limited Exclusive Laser Files
  • Matching Marketing Photos
  • Video Instructions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 40% Shop Discount

Since Launching in March 2022

If you didn't sign up earlier, these are some of the files we have included in our subscription over the past few months.
These files will be available to the public in a few months!

Cut these cute car charms out with your Glowforge or other laser cutters as the perfect mother's day gift. Our laser files make it easy to cut out these pretty car charms in minutes with a Glowforge or other laser cutter.
A modern pattern design and a classic round shape come together in this elegant Hello wood sign for your home. This laser-cut file for the Glowforge will suit any style and decor, from contemporary to rustic.
Need a boho and trendy design to add to your home decor? With these laser cut files, you can cut these fun and decorative designs onto wood with a laser cutter to display on your tiered trays!
Decorate your kitchen with these cute and handy tiered tray files. This one has a lemon theme and can match any kitchen decor you choose.
 The perfect craft for your Glowforge, Mira or Thunder laser. This Palm Springs themed summer tiered tray set will be a great addition to your home decor. Laser cut in your workshop and make money!
These laser files are designed to be cut on your favorite laser cutter to make three cute laundry signs. Cut from your own material or use vinyl. Paint and assemble to create adorable wall art!
This set of home decor rattan cane stacking trays can be laser cut from MDF and painted. These are great for serving drinks or condiments at parties, a must-have for any avid entertainer. With these laser files, you can make cute home decor using your own laser cutter and cutter software.
Bees Ladder Sign Laser Files Mini Signs for Tray Decor
Get ready for the Christmas holiday with our laser Christmas files. This set features an engraved stocking ornament design and a stand you can put them on! 
What's cuter than a bunch of tacos and margaritas? Tacos Tray Decor Laser is the perfect DIY project using your laser cutter for Cinco de Mayo. Our included cutting files are adorable and make for great party decoration or any day you feel like having a fiesta!
Our woodland layered Christmas ornaments laser file is a must-have product. With it, you'll be able to produce high-quality ornaments that will impress your customers. Shop laser files at
Create your own set of tiered tray signs for Christmas using our Pink Christmas tiered tray laser files for use with your laser cutter. These laser cut templates are perfect for making custom designs that can't be found in stores to decorate the tables during this magical time of the year.