Make a Cute Stocking Decor Holder With Your Laser Cutter

This laser cutting tutorial will show you how to make this of really cute stocking decor holder for Christmas with your laser cutter.

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You can purchase this laser file to make this cute stocking decor holder with your laser cutter here.

Watch How to Make a Cute Stocking Decor Holder With Your Laser Cutter

Steps to Make a Cute Stocking Decor Holder With Your Laser Cutter

Most people will be able to user our SVG laser file as is for this set of bee themed ladder signs with their laser cutter.

  • I am using 1/8 MDF and 1/8 Maple for this laser project. I painted after production this time and used black acrylic paint and a wood stain.
  • Because I’m using tabs in this project, it’s important to use 1/8 material and to run some tests with your materials. I have left the layers alone so you can adjust hold sizes to fit your materials.
  1. Follow along with my video.
  2. The first steps of my videos are always going to go over the files, how they may look or need to be adjusted for size, and I use the Glowforge app for this video. But you can use what I share with you on how to use my files with any laser app to understand my layers, colors on my layers and the order I run things on my laser cutter.
  3. If you are using the files as they are or have adjusted your files and made a new SVG, start by dragging the files into your app. I’m using the Glowforge app, but you can use other laser cutting applications and follow along.
  4. Rearrange the layers to set up the steps in the order they need to be created. I have indicated my color-coding system for layers in the instructions PDF file.
  5. Then you can cut out all of the pieces. I used regular wood glue for this project.

And here are some pictures of the Christmas Stocking Holder Decor when completed!

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