Making a sunflower spinner card on your laser cutter

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make this sunflower spinner card with your laser cutter.

You can purchase the Sunflower Spinner Laser Cut File here.

Steps to making a sunflower spinner card on your laser cutter

Most people will be able to use our laser cut file as is for interactive spinner cards with their laser cutter. I am using 5/32″ maple purebond from Home Depot and acrylic from Custom Made Better* for this laser project. I also prefer to use 3M double sided adhesive tape when layering acrylic.

Cut material on your laser cutter

The first step is to cut all of the pieces on your laser cutter. For my sample, I cut everything but the letters for “Mommy” from the 5/32″ maple.

TIP: Depending on the kerf of your machine, you may need to adjust the size of the knob circle or hole on the spinning disc.

Next, I applied 3M adhesive to the yellow acrylic and cut out the letters for “Mommy.”

Stain and paint the sunflower

I like when there’s a strong contrast for the sunflower, so the first thing I do is use a stain pen in dark walnut for the outside border.

Using stain pen to frame the outside of the sunflower

The sunflower will look strange until you finish it with paint!

Next, I use a variety of Tooli Art Pens to paint the sunflower. I use a few shades of brown for the center portion to give texture, and multiple shades of yellow, gold and orange for the sunflower petals.

Assembling your sunflower spinner card

Next, it’s time to start assembling your sunflower spinner card. First, grab the back piece with the draft scoring for placement. Attach the spacer frame using your adhesive of choice. I’m a fan of Starbond Medium.

Then, attach the circle knob for the center of the spinner circle.

Next, you’ll attach the sunflower and the acrylic letters to the front panel.

Place the circle spinner on the back — without using any adhesive. This is what will allow the circle to “spin.” NOTE: Wait for the glue on the spacer and circle knob to fully dry before attaching the circle spinner. If the glue has not dried, you risk that the spinner will not move.

Finally, use your preferred adhesive to attach the front panel to the spacer frame. I like to use clamps to ensure a tight fit. Be very careful not to use too much glue or you risk the glue spilling onto the circle spinner, causing it to lose its ability to spin.

Finishing up

Once the glue has dried, test out your spinner. The spinner may be a little tight, but it should move with a little help.

Show us your laser cutting work and projects

Be sure to share your work with us on our Facebook Group. We’d love to see it. Don’t forget to purchase the Sunflower Spinner Laser Cut File here.

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