Marketing Photos Terms of Use

These terms of use were modified on 11.05.22

  • Marketing photos may be purchased in our shop for a fee to market the product to your customers.
  • We own the copyright to our images. You are purchasing the right to use them for your physical product marketing. Claiming copyright is against US copyright laws. This means you may not share or distribute the images for any reason.
  • Marketing photos are not available for all products in our shop. Please check the marketing photos section of our shop to review what is available.
  • You may not screenshot or copy our photos from our website for any reason, even for listings where marketing photos are unavailable to purchase. This includes removing the watermark.
  • When purchasing the available marketing photos, you may use them in your shop listings and on social media. Please add your logo to the images so they may not be stolen.
  • At any time, The Laser collective staff may request your proof of receipt, and if you cannot provide that, we will ask you to remove the images from your shops.

This set of terms may be updated at any time. Please review them every time you purchase a new set of marketing photos.

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