Tool Paint Pens – The Low Down

What are Tooli Paint Pens

So you’re probably wondering, what are Tooli paint pens, and what makes them so unique?

Maybe you’ve heard me or other creators talk about these precious paint pens before, but if not, no worries. These are acrylic paint pens, and yes, pens that hold acrylic paint inside them.

Tooli, the company, offers the broadest range of pens, with over 230 color offers and counting. That’s pretty awesome and even better than Posca.

Tooli promotes the kindness motto. And, honestly, I can get behind that. They are the proud choice of paint pens for The Kindness Rock Project. We live in a world where we can use more of that.

Before I go forward, I want you to know my post on Tooli paint pens is NOT sponsored, and I am not a partner or affiliate with Tooli. I just love them!

So Why Should I Use Tooli Paint Pens in my Laser Business?

If you’re like me, you buy all kinds of paints, and brushes go unclean. The idea that you can take a paint pen and contain it in a portable device, not messy, means you’re more productive.

I use Tooli paint pens when creating my small laser earring studs. Yes, I hand-color those. Because Tooli offers multiple tip sizes, I can use their Extra Fine tips to get into the tiniest details on my earrings.

Tooli paint pens can be used on multiple surfaces, and they conform to the safety standards and guidelines for the US and Europe and are safe to use. They are water-based, acid-free, and non-toxic. Though, don’t use them on food.

How to Use a Tooli Paint Pen

You want to start by shaking your pen, and I give it 10 seconds or so when shaking up my pens. Make sure all of the pigment is adequately mixed. If you don’t, you can see a noticeable difference from where you started… mainly in the pigment results.

For a new pen, you want to air it out first by keeping the tip up and pushing on it with your thumb. Then, pump the pen on a scrap piece of paper or wood. I like to keep some scrap wood that I use for my earrings next to me to pump and run a test. In fact, if my pen sits for a few minutes between colors, I will shake, pump, and test again before using it. Get in that habit!

Run a test for a few seconds on your scrap. Again, that pigment may not have yet to thoroughly mixed, and you have to get it out of the nib before seeing the actual results of your painted piece.

How to Store Your Tooli Pens

You always want to store your acrylic paint pens on their sides. The common misconception is that you keep them with the tip down. But that’s wrong. Store your paint pens on their sides because the binder substance inside them will rise while the pigment will sink to the bottom.

Each pen comes with a metal ball bearing inside it. And, if that ball gets stuck near the nib, it can be much harder to get it to move and get the pigment thoroughly mixed back.

So if your pen is stored with the tip down, the pigment will go into the nib, potentially clogging it. And, then, you’re replacing nibs left and right, which brings me to the point that you get extra nibs with your Tooli paint pen purchases! WOOT!

Storing your pen sideways allows this pigment to settle across a much more significant portion of the pen. And the ball bearing can then move freely, making mixing the pigment and binder much easier.

If you want a great way to store your Toolis on their side, check out my paint pen holder laser file in the shop! I love this. I made mine with two rows of each color pack, except for the Earth ones.

How do I Paint My Earrings?

I prefer to use the 5/32 (⅛) Maple from Home Depot Pure Bond when cutting my earrings. You’ll find many of my files for laser earrings in the shop at The Laser Collective.

After I have cut all my earrings and removed the masking, I will seal my earrings with Rustoleum 2X Clear Satin twice. Sealing my earrings makes the surface ready for the paint pens, and it keeps the acrylic from soaking into the wood and makes it glide better.

I always start by pumping my pen and running it on a scrap piece of maple for a few seconds before I start coloring. I love using this magnifier light to help me see up close details with these old eyes!

Once my paint pen is ready, the ink has pooled a bit into the nib. This makes it so I can easily glide the paint over my earrings and not rub the tip on the wood. That’s what she said. I’m pushing the paint around. Though you don’t want it to flood too much, or the paint will crack, like this when it dries.

Also, because I sealed my earrings first, if I mess up, I can use an alcohol wipe pad to remove the paint and start over without staining the wood.

With lighter colors, I may go over it a second time. I will seal them again when I’m done painting my earrings.

What Tooli Paint Pen Colors Do I Use?

I personally use the following colors with my business from Tooli from the Pro collection: red, blue, green, yellow, and Earth. I also use pastels from the Special collection and haven’t purchased the gray set. I always buy extra fine tips for painting my earrings. They do make glitters and metallics, you may prefer.

How to Fix a Clogged Tooli

You get extra nibs with your Tooli paint pen purchases, but you can also buy them from them if you run out.

A pen will inevitably clog, so it’s pretty easy to change the nib and save it by pulling out the nib and replacing it.

You can also pull out the nib and run it through some water. And put it back inside the pen.

Are these paint pens right for your laser business?